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Sustainability Options: Transforming Homes and Lives in Rotorua Through Warmth and Sustainability

    With the vision of ensuring that all homes can maintain a comfortable temperature of 20 degrees on cold winter nights, Sustainability Options is a local organisation dedicated to creating warmer, healthier homes.

    Home assessments have been a cornerstone of Sustainability Options’ work, and with the aid of a grant from Rotorua Trust, they were able to complete 292 comprehensive assessments in the past year alone. These assessments serve as a foundation for identifying areas of improvement and guiding homeowners towards sustainable solutions. Through their services, Sustainability Options is transforming homes and empowering people, fostering sustainability, and improving the overall quality of life in Rotorua.

    In addition to assessments, funding from Rotorua Trust has helped Sustainability Options improve housing quality in the past year through its 20 Degrees program. Sustainability Options welcomed 83 homes into the program, allowing homeowners to access the necessary repairs and maintenance to create warmer and healthier living environments. From heating installations and insulation upgrades to curtain installations, window repairs, draught-proofing measures, and more, Sustainability Options has completed $897,986.64 worth of repairs through 572 activities in the community.

    The tangible outcomes of Sustainability Options’ efforts are evident in the heartfelt feedback they receive from grateful whānau. The responses of homeowners detail the appreciation of the newfound warmth and comfort in their homes. One homeowner shared, “The curtains are amazing. This is the first time we have had to start setting alarms because our house is actually dark now in the mornings and nights.”

    Despite the ever-present demand for their services, Sustainability Options says that they are remaining dedicated to their vision and are continuing to strive towards ensuring that every home in Rotorua can maintain a temperature of 20 degrees on cold winter nights.