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Fostering Financial Stability: Rotorua Budget Advisory Services Enables the Community

    In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and the ensuing cost of living crisis, Rotorua Budget Advisory Services witnessed a 25-30% increase in client numbers within the space of a year.

    With a rich history of serving the Rotorua community for over six decades, Rotorua Budget Advisory Services offers personal Building Financial Capability (BFC), delivering budgeting advice and education to all residents free of charge.

    Pakanui Tuhura, Manager of Rotorua Budget Advisory Services, explains, “Financial Mentors (aka Budget Advisers) work with the client to resolve financial issues, plan and build them a better life using their own strengths and some technical, financial, relationship and community knowledge.”

    Leaving the premises with beaming smiles, clients frequently express their gratitude, acknowledging the ease with which the process unfolded. They often admit feeling less stressed, gaining clarity on their path forward, and regretting not seeking assistance earlier. This highlights the Rotorua Budget Advisory Service’s commitment to fostering trust-based relationships and empowering clients to proactively pursue their financial goals.

    Funding from the Rotorua Trust has supported the service’s operational costs over the past decade. Most recently, the funding facilitated upgrading the office’s heating/cooling system, ensuring a comfortable environment for advisors and staff as they collaborate to overcome financial crises, plan for the future, and seize control of their finances.

    The outcomes achieved include a notable surge in client numbers and appointments. These positive developments have inspired the service to aspire to be recognised as experts in personal financial planning and issue resolution, not only in Rotorua but also across the wider Bay of Plenty region and potentially at a national level. They remain steadfast in their commitment to empowering every member of the Rotorua community to take control of their financial resources, make informed spending decisions, and build themselves a better life.