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    Sustainability Options has helped nearly 200 Rotorua families in
    the past year through its Rotorua 20 Degrees programme, making
    homes warmer, safer and healthier.
    The purpose of the programme is to improve homes so they
    are capable of reaching at least 20°C on a cold winter’s night.
    The rollout of Rotorua 20 Degrees – which is also supported by
    Rotorua Lakes Council – was bolstered by a $250,000 grant from
    Rotorua Trust.

    “What we are giving families is a hand up, not a hand out.
    There are a lot of people in our community who are living
    in really poor housing conditions and being able to get this
    scheme up and running has allowed us to start reaching
    some of those most vulnerable. We are not about quick
    fixes, rather going on a journey with families to gain
    longer-term housing condition improvement.”

    Phil Gregg, Director