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Rotorua Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

    Set up to get primary and intermediate school children fit and active, the Get Kids Active Charitable Trust’s mission is to provide children with exciting and challenging opportunities and take them out of their comfort zones.

    The cornerstone event to achieve this is the annual Rotorua Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge, held at Lakes Ranch. The event consists of a challenging cross country run with obstacles, mud, and water challenges and is a well-attended event enjoyed by many Rotorua school students.

    To provide a far-reaching approach for kids, the Trust and organisers also work closely with local schools to have this event as part of their PE programme so they can do some training for the event during school time.

    Get Kids Active Charitable Trust Chair, Mark Sinclair says it’s important that the event is non-competitive, and there is a big focus on participation.

    “We know this event is hugely important for children as it helps grow their confidence, self-achievement and has positive health and social benefits.

    “The funding from Rotorua Trust makes a big impact and the difference it makes to some kids is phenomenal – the positive feedback we get back is overwhelming and makes it all worthwhile.”

    Due to the impacts of COVID-19, funding for this year’s event has dramatically reduced. Added to that, the Get Kids Active Charitable Trust sponsorship fees have reduced from the existing sponsor in 2020.

    The Rotorua Trust has granted the Trust $10,000 to fund a sound system at the event to ensure the event can be run safely. The funding will also go towards race bib numbers so each participant can be identified in case of an emergency and hire equipment to make the course as fun and safe as possible.