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Habitat for Humanity to Relaunch Progressive Home Ownership Programme in Rotorua With Support from Rotorua Trust

    In 2024, Habitat for Humanity Central will relaunch a Progressive Home Ownership programme aimed at providing safe and affordable housing for families in need. Rotorua Trust has welcomed Habitat’s housing initiatives, with both a grant contributing to Habitat’s operations expenses in the rohe and a social impact investment in Habitat’s housing developments.

    Rotorua Trust recently caught up with Habitat for Humanity about the home’s under development. From left to right Gregg Brown (Trustee, Rotorua Trust), Mike Keefe (Deputy Chairperson, Rotorua Trust), Cathy Cooney (Trustee, Rotorua Trust), Nathan Collins (Chief Operating Officer, Habitat Central), Blair Gilbert (Chief Executive, Rotorua Trust), Martin West (Chief Financial Officer, Habitat Central).

    Progressive Home Ownership is a rent-to-buy system, with a strong emphasis on partnership between Habitat and the future homeowners. This is for whānau who otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve home ownership without some support.

    The impact of Habitat for Humanity’s work can already be seen in the success stories of families who have benefited from the Progressive Home Ownership programme in Tauranga. Tuterangiwhiu and Carmen, a Te Arawa and Ngāti Tūwharetoa whānau, shared a single bedroom with their two daughters for almost three years before receiving the keys to a new three-bedroom home through Habitat’s rent-to-own programme.

    Another family said that after moving rentals several times, their new house felt like home from the moment they first walked in. The affordable rent payments have alleviated their financial worries, offering a brighter future.

    “We understand that adequate housing fosters social cohesion by providing a stable foundation for communities. Kia kaha te whare, kia kaha te whānau – a strong house means a strong family, and a strong family means a strong community,” said Stewart Edward, Chairperson of the Rotorua Trust.

    Over the past 30 years, Habitat has built new homes for families in rent-to-buy models, made critical repairs to existing family homes, brought people together to be the heart of change in their communities, and ultimately supported hundreds of families to thrive. 

    Habitat for Humanity recently celebrated 30 years in New Zealand. In 1993, Habitat handed over the keys to their first partner family that unlocked a home built entirely by volunteers and opened doors for the future: stability to support education and income, generational security, and a place to finally call their own.

    Learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s progressive home ownership, or express your interest: