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Rotorua Trust Funding helps Young Eagles to take flight

    Empowering young aviation enthusiasts to pursue their dreams of flying, the Young Eagles programme, run by Rotorua Aero Club, has been aided by funding from Rotorua Trust. In 2022, a $10,000 grant supported scholarships, with nine Young Eagles receiving financial support to further their flight training. Two are on the cusp of solo flights, with the rest not far behind.

    Rotorua Aero Club President Wayne Puddle outlines the activities of the Young Eagles, who gather monthly for meetings from 9 am to 11 am. Led by instructor Katie Wheeler, a C cat-certified professional, participants delve into various aspects of aviation through presentations.

    Currently, the Young Eagles programme has 12 students in training. The initiative is tracking well, with two students nearing their solo flights, a significant milestone indicating their readiness to fly alone after meeting specific criteria with the instructor. Many students aspire to pursue further aviation careers and obtain commercial pilot’s licenses.

    Looking ahead, Wayne explains that the Young Eagles Rotorua programme aims to continue providing a structured learning environment for young aviation enthusiasts. The programme not only nurtures their passion for flying but also fosters social skills through interactions with like-minded peers and aviation professionals. The ultimate goal is to offer students a wide range of career options within the aviation industry, whether as pilots, air traffic controllers, or in other aviation-related roles.