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Get Your Vote In! Last Days to Vote in Rotorua Trust Election

    Now is the time to vote. Rotorua Trust encourages those eligible to vote in the election of trustees to have their say.

    Trustee elections are held every three years for the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, which operates as Rotorua Trust. It is the community’s chance to select the trustees of a community funder with the potential to impact countless in the community.  

    There’s still time to vote if you haven’t yet.

    Chief Executive Jackie McCullough urges people to vote, “The trustees elected will be making future funding and investment decisions.

    “With over 27 years of history, the trust has a connection with many.

    “Grants from the trust have boosted various health services, education, training and employment programs, social initiatives and sporting and cultural events. Over the years, the trust has also been involved in capital projects, such as the Energy Events Centre, Sir Howard Morrison Centre, Parksyde, and The Arts Village.

    “Voting packs have been sent. Rather than putting them aside, those eligible to vote are encouraged to contribute to how the Trust will be shaped in the future.

    “Trustees decide which key priority areas funding should go towards and make investment decisions that focus on ensuring the fund can continue to support the community well into the future.

    There’s still time to get your vote in for the Rotorua Trust election if you haven’t voted yet. Online voting is available in this election.”

    Voting closes at 12 noon Saturday, 19 November 2022. Electors can return their vote online, by post, or by hand delivery to the Rotorua Trust office. If posting your vote, it is recommended to post it by Tuesday, 15 November 2022.  

    Eligible voters that haven’t received their voting papers or have misplaced them can make a special vote at the Rotorua Trust office.