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The Rotorua Potters Group

    A pottery club that has the community at its heart, catering to young and old, beginners and experts, will be able to open its doors to more members thanks to a boost from Rotorua Trust.

    The Rotorua Potters Group, based in the Arts Village, has been granted $10,000 to replace its broken kiln.

    Having an operational kiln is essential to the efficient running of the club and it takes up to four months for one to be made, delivered and installed.

    The club currently has one operational kiln, limiting the number of classes and services it can provide.

    Member Anna McLay says the Rotorua Potters Club is open to anyone who has an interest in pottery, and the group also provides a firing service for local schools and Rotorua Hospice Art groups.

    “The Rotorua Potters Club plays an essential part in promoting the vibrancy of art in Rotorua, the local business community, the arts community, and the tourism community all benefit from the success of the club.

    “In particular, the new kiln will benefit our current and future club members as we can meet the current club firing demand, and will also have the capacity to welcome new members.”

    Anna says the club is excited to expand its offerings in the community.

    “We are so appreciative of Rotorua Trust and its support. Pottery is making a massive comeback and we are excited to reach more of the community with our existing and new class offerings.”

    Rotorua Trust Chairman Stewart Edward says the Rotorua Potters Club services the high demand for art in the community and without a replacement kiln, will not be able to run at full firing capacity.

    Rotorua Trust funded the club’s previous kiln, which was purchased in 2006.