Eastside community receives boost thanks to Trust grant

The Eastside community has received a boost to start the year with the Rotorua Trust granting the Mokoia Community Association a further $20,000 – with funds to benefit a range of residents through different ways.

The funding will go towards the Active Ageing programme and community led development for 2018.

The Active Ageing programme includes activities directly organised by the Association, along with other activities that benefit Eastside seniors. Examples of these activities include crafts, music, fitness and socialising opportunities as well as monthly trips co-ordinated by the Mokoia Community Association.

Mokoia Community Association’s Leigh Richards-Ward says last year was a very successful year in engaging new Eastside seniors.  An example of this was those attending the monthly bus trip.  The average attendance was 43 seniors across the nine trips, and one attracting 84.

This funding will greatly help what the Association can provide, she says.

Leigh says the focus of the community led activities is the Tatau Pounamu Strategy which focuses on youth engagement, education, health, environment, challenging systems and influencing policy.

“The community led activities are in direct response to resident identified needs and are primarily undertaken with our communities that need more support. Last year’s grant allowed Mokoia Community Association to respond flexibly and responsibly to these needs. We are grateful to have this funding boost to help us continue to help the residents of Eastside.

Rotorua Trust chairman Stewart Edward describes the work as “inspirational” and says it is achieving some amazing results.

He says the work fits in well with so many areas the Trust has identified in its own strategic planning.

“Mokoia Community Association acts as a facilitator, broker, advocate, mentor and communication hub and through the relationships it has built up throughout the community, it is now approached by members of the community for assistance in achieving their goals.”

He says the way the Association works is a very proactive and effective, as the community is really engaged and takes responsibility for its own activities.

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