SPCA desexing plan’s positive results



From left: Geoff Rudsdale, SPCA education manager; Eve Johnson, centre manager; Nadine Brown, office manager.

A Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust grant of $20,000 towards Rotorua SPCA’s animal de-sexing programme is making an impact on the charity’s work in the community.

Funds donated towards the SPCA de-sexing programme were welcome additions and used well, says Rotorua SPCA manager Eve Johnson.

“We appreciate the support and the funds we have received from the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust. They have helped make a huge difference to the work that we carry out,” she says.

The de-sexing programme is now in its sixth year, with last year’s results very positive.

Over the past six years, more than 6,000 animals were de-sexed, many of them through a subsidised scheme for those holding a community services card, making it easier for those on a tight budget to still be responsible pet owners.

The grant supports the desexing of all animals adopted from the shelter and underpins its welfare work with the community.

“We work with the community through our education programme to establish good pet ownership guidelines around desexing their pets and how important it is. It can reduce the number of dog attacks as it subdues the male and it heavily reduces kitten numbers.”

The number of animals taken into the shelter has decreased over the past few years, with 3000 in 2013 dropping to 2200 in 2014 and down to about 1800 in 2015, partly due to the desexing programme.

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