Kia Puwhai supports family services

5A $10,000 grant from the Rotorua Trust is helping to strengthen the potential of expectant mothers and support a healthy start for young families.

It is part of a suite of programmes being implemented by health provider Tipu Ora at the Kia Puawai whare adjacent to the Western Heights Health Centre.

The services include: Vulnerable Child, focused around children whose health and social needs are not being met; Startwell, for any first time mother needing support in the first year after a baby’s birth; and two midwives who work out of the whare.

Clinical Coordinator Evalyn Berryman, a registered nurse, is central to the implementation of all the services wrapped around mothers and children.

Depending on which service is involved, Evalyn receives a referral and she allocates it to the appropriate staff member. “We assess the family and look at what needs they have and with their permission we guide them to the appropriate service.”

Evalyn follows up to make sure the mothers receive the service. She ensures they are engaged, no barriers exist and that the services are working together.

The Trust-funded Ukaipo hauora programme was launched on 31 March. It is an evidence-based programme for first-time mothers living mostly in the Western Heights area, and runs for eight weeks each Thursday for four hours from 10am to 2pm.

Evalyn Berryman
Clinical Leader
Kai Puawai, Tipu Ora
0800 777277

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