About the Trust

The Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust is a community-focused, not-for profit organisation that exists to create a better Rotorua for all.

Established in 1994 to serve the community of Rotorua, the Trust was formed out of the sale of Rotorua Electricity Limited, with initial capital of $32 million.

Through careful management by past and present Trustees and staff, this capital has grown to over $150 million, with more than $110 million invested back into the Rotorua community since the Trust’s inception.

We work with a wide range of community organisations, which collectively, have a positive impact on nearly every Rotorua resident.

What are we trying to do?

  • Effectively and responsibly manage and grow our assets
  • Distribute income in a manner that balances the needs of today, while maintaining a legacy for the future
  • Create partnerships and work collaboratively to help build the capability and resilience of groups throughout the Rotorua community

To create a better Rotorua for all, we recognise the achievements of the past as a strong foundation for building a resilient, vibrant region for the future.

2017 – 2020 strategy

Trustees have spent considerable time developing a clear strategic direction and defining the areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact in order to achieve a better Rotorua for all.

As part of our strategy, we’ve enhanced our efforts in the area of facilitation and advice, while focusing on the following five priority targets, where we think the Trust has a more active role to play:

•  Health an the first 1,000 days

•  Education and employment opportunities

•  Vibrancy (arts, culture, events and activities)

•  The environment and renewable energy

•  Strengthening our communities

With a clear direction and focus, we can achieve the best outcomes for Rotorua.


Our ability to provide ongoing financial support to community organisations is dependent on the continued growth of our investment fund. This fund has grown from $32 million in 1994 to more than $150 million in 2019, while a further $110 million has been invested back into the community through grants during this time.

Originally, the Trust invested funds through a wholly owned subsidiary – Perpetual Capital Management Ltd. However, from April 2015 management of the Trust’s investments has been undertaken by Mercer NZ Limited.

Mercer’s business model looks to deliver a diversified range of investments and stability of returns. This is key to being able to deliver a consistent level of grants to our community.

The Trust’s funds are currently allocated across a range of ethical investments including Trans-Tasman and global shares, property, infrastructure, natural resources, cash and bonds.

All investment decisions relating to this fund have been determined by our Trustees and detailed in our Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives, which is reviewed annually.

To ensure a strong governance focus is maintained on the performance of the Trust’s investments and financial dealings, trustee Sandra Kai Fong heads our finance portfolio, which was established in December 2016.

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